Raphael Film Center

The project was the restoration of a previously vacant deco theater and included adding two screens, a conference room, and event space to the 1920s building.

Joining the project during Construction Administration, there remained many significant details and finish aspects still to be completed:  coordinating and detailing the marquee and neon-sign restoration, acoustic assemblies and finishes, projection systems, fixture restoration, oversight of decorative painting and mural restoration, and detailing the terrazzo finished concessions area.


Project Type:




San Rafael, CA

Historic Preservation, Modernization, and Addition




A Bay Area Legend

The Client’s project manager, Ann Brebner, remains one of my favorite clients. She came from a theater background and became the go-to casting director for many of the Bay Area’s films: American Graffiti, One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest, and a personal fav, Bullitt, to name a few.

Her vast experience in creative industries gave her many great stories but, more importantly, an understanding of the creative process and the value everyone can provide and gain in a complicated project.

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