600 California Street Lobby

The project goals were to refresh the 90s KPF design lobby and entrance to something more social and usable by the tenants, moving away from the formal pass-through lobby.

Already a well-detailed space, the work was primarily to remove dated materials, improve lighting levels, and create a hospitality-like space. Other key components include a friendlier modern guard desk, commissioned art piece, improved elevator lobbies, and accessibility improvements.

The previously empty lobby is now activated with daily meet-ups, coffee breaks, and the occasional building-sponsored events.


Project Type:




San Francisco, CA

Lobby and Entrance Remodel



Sr. PM/PA – Lead Desinger

An Artist Collaboration – The Changing Light

The initial concept sketches proposed the replacement of the existing historic art pieces (on loan from the City of San Francisco) with something of a grander scale, greater interest, and more impactful to the space. Working with Laura Grigsby Art Consulting, the project team selected local artist Annie Vought for the commissioned piece, Once Emerged from the New Night Fog.

Vought’s prior work was primarily incredible fine-cut paper uniquely suited to be scaled up and converted into laser-cut blackened steel. The end work perfectly captures the original design concept.

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