Chandran Gallery

459 Geary Street

This adaptive reuse project intended to create entrepreneurial opportunities for the Client’s artist daughter.  The program included a mix of uses: art gallery, spec and bespoke office suites, a private residence, roof-top studio addition, and roof decks, one with a spa pool.   The scope included building modernization, life-safety improvements, and voluntary seismic upgrade. 

The art gallery originally focused on street art and graffiti but evolved into a contemporary art gallery.  To enhance the art program and deal with the low ground-floor ceiling height, the gallery incorporated a portion of the basement level to result in a double-height main gallery. We retained portions of the original board-formed concrete walls, resulting in unique opportunities for the art displays.


Project Type:





San Francisco, CA

Building Rehab, Gallery, Office and Residence




PM/PA & Design Architect

A Group Shower?

Our artist client gained notoriety for body painting. To aid in continuing her work, there were several elements we were asked to incorporate: a photo studio with a cyclorama wall, space for a massage table with a downward-facing projector, a model’s lounge, and a group shower.

The idea was after the show or performance, the models would collectively adjourn to the shower to remove the latex body paint. A couple of my coworkers really enjoyed doing the research for this project.

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