Oragaincs Transfer Station – West Wing

West Wing project, an expansion of the main Recology waste transfer station, is a replacement for the outdated organics (compost) facility.  With the success of San Francisco’s mandatory residential composting program, Recology needed to increase its on-site capacity. Additionally, the previous steel organics building, never intended for the corrosive materials, was rapidly deteriorating and creating excessive odor and maintenance issues.

The new structure incorporates 12,000 PSI concrete floors with iron aggregate topping, a vertical loadout bay, extensive solar, and an inventive ozone odor control system.    


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San Francisco, CA

Light Industrial




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A Never Ending Stream

A personal impact of working with Recology is developing a better sense of the endless amount of waste we create. Collections, sorting, and transfer operations run 353 days a year.

San Francisco generates 1,764 tons of refuse daily; that’s 640,332 tons (or 128 billion pounds) of waste annually. Roughly 40% is diverted through the recycling, organics, and construction and demolition program, saving 256,606 tons from becoming landfill.

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