180 Montgomery Street Lobby

To reposition the late 70’s office building, the client sought to create a notable identity for the newly acquired asset. Due to the lobby’s setback from the building line, dark and dated finishes, and minimal lighting, the building lacked an identifiable entrance. The chosen solution was to have a visual impact via updated branding, lit feature walls, and a new triple-cantilevered entrance canopy.

Other work includes new stone flooring, featured paving, new stone column wraps, polished plaster resin reveals, and an updated security desk.

To ensure the best pricing, thorough details and mockups of the custom element were undertaken. The premise was that the better the bid information, the less risk and guesswork the subs would add to their pricing. This being the firm’s first full BIM project, a high level of coordination was in place before any fabrication, limiting any on-site rework.


Project Type:





San Francisco, CA

Lobby Remodel

3,300 Sf (Interior)



PM/PA Lead Designer

An Active Lobby

Due to constraints in the building’s circulation system, all construction was performed while the lobby remained operational, with the entire building population passing through the lobby at least twice a day. All upper ceiling work was performed from a fixed, dust-tight scaffolding. On the main floor, the shop-vac was the most used tool on the job. The contractor required that every material cut and sanding operation be immediately vacuumed and the floor be mopped every two hours.

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